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Google Ads Pricing

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Panda Online Marketing offers budget-friendly PPC advertising for your Phoenix small business. Unlike many of our competitors, our fee structure is transparent empowering you to accurately calculate your Cost Per Acquisition and overall Return On Investment. Select the Google Ads package that fits comfortably in your budget, and scale up during your high season, for a new product launch, and as your business grows.

Can’t I Just Run My Own PPC Campaigns?

Yes, of course, but there are a few benefits of working with a PPC expert. Digital marketing is what we do, so your Panda account manager is Google Certified and up to date with the most effective ways to create and implement your ad campaigns. The results generated by our expert marketers are immediately apparent. In fact, when clients go from doing their PPC in-house to working with us, we reduce their CPA 100% of the time!

Not only do we deliver a higher ROI, but we free you and your team up to do what you do best—innovating, collaborating with your team, and serving your customers.

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Pay-Per-Click Management Pricing

– Are Google Ads Right For Me?

There are many digital advertising methods to choose from, and Bing and Yahoo have PPC ads too, so why Google? Google remains the most popular search engine with over 92% of the market share, totaling over 3.5 billion searches per day. This means it is the most effective way for you to reach the largest sector of your target audience.

– Isn’t PPC Expensive?

Not to worry if you only have a couple hundred dollars a month to invest in PPC, as we can generate measurable results that are within your budget. If you have more to spend, we will invest more, but no matter your budget—we utilize your ad dollars wisely.

Where many go wrong is in bidding on the most popular keyword, which is also the most expensive keyword. The strategy we create for you will include local, industry, and niche keywords, but we get a bit more creative than the obvious contenders. Instead, we identify high-ROI, low-bid keywords that your target audience is typing into Google. This includes local, seasonal, trend-based, and hyper-targeted keywords. As a keyword’s popularity begins to fizzle out, we test and identify better alternatives.

Full-Service Google Ad Solution

Our PPC services include designing your ad, ad copy, and if required a targeted landing page to capture leads for your marketing funnel. We take care of everything:

  • Google Ad Strategy
  • Google Account Creation
  • Keyword Research
  • Ongoing Keyword Updates
  • Geotargeting
  • Ad Design
  • Ad Copy
  • A/B Split Tests
  • Landing Pages
  • Email Marketing Funnels
  • Ad Scheduling
  • Conversion Reporting For CPA
  • And More!

We’re Ready To Create Your Custom PPC Strategy!

Panda Online Marketing is ready to get started on your custom Google Ad strategy. We can work with you for PPC only or you can utilize us for your full-service website redesign, SEO, Local SEO, and startup website services.

Reach out now to get started!

Panda Online Marketing
Panda Online Marketing
Panda Online Marketing
Panda Online Marketing
Panda Online Marketing
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