4 Google AdWords Tricks You Need to Know

4 Google AdWords Tricks You Need to KnowDid you know 97% of Google’s revenue comes from advertising? More and more businesses are investing in Google’s pay per click advertising system to drive more traffic to their websites and convert more visitors into paying clients. And it makes sense why. Well-executed Google ad campaigns are proven to work. On average, businesses make $2 for every $1 they spend on Google AdWords.

If you want to make sure you maximize every dollar spent on your PPC Google AdWords campaign, here are 4 Google AdWords Tricks You Need to Know

Have a concrete goal 4 Google AdWords Tricks You Need to Know

Before you even start setting up your ads, you need to determine a definitive goal for your PPC campaigns. Do you want to drive more website traffic? Collect email list signups? Get new followers on social media Your goal will directly impact how you set up your ads. With a solid goal in mind, you will be better able to make decisions about the rest of your campaign.

Use geotargetting

Using geotargetting in your ads will prioritize your ad spending in geographical areas where you’ll get the most engagement and the most conversions.

Physical businesses should definitely target areas surrounding them geographically, but online or service-based businesses can utilize these features too. You can optimize your ads based on geographical location, but you should also take other factors like season, weather, and population size into consideration.

Focusing on cheaper geographical locations that are still converting can save you money in the long run. For example, if you’re selling farm equipment and supplies, you could exclude large cities and suburbs from your ads and target mostly rural areas where your product is most needed.

Show your ads at the right time of day

4 Google AdWords Tricks You Need to KnowMaking sure your audience is seeing your ads at the opportune time of day is essential to making sure your ads are effective.

Determining the time of day you should have your ads run depends on your audience. When are they online looking for your product? The answer will be different for B2B and B2C business and will also vary by industry.

If you’re not sure where to start, begin by setting your ads to run all day, everyday. After you’ve collected some data from your campaign, use Google’s metrics tools to gauge when your audience is most active online and adjust your ads accordingly. You’ll get better conversions as a result.

Relevant landing page

Getting clicks is only part of the battle when it comes to Google AdWords. After you score the click, you need to make sure your landing page is set up to convert. Otherwise, you’re just wasting your money on pointless website clicks.

Taking into consideration your goal for your campaign, design your landing page to be consistent with your ad copy and goal. A relevant landing page that matches your ad and website copy will increase conversions. Make sure the message of your landing page aligns with the message of your brand. Make it easy for visitors to want to make a purchase.

These 4 Google AdWords tricks you need to know will help you maximize your money spent on your online ads. Panda Online Marketing has helped hundreds of businesses grow by helping them create and execute online advertising that converts. Find us on our website www.pandaonlinemarketing.com.

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