Best Instagram Plugin for WordPress

When looking for the best Instagram plugin for WordPress, you have a lot of plugin options to take a look at and possibly work with. Integrating your Instagram into your WordPress site can be a really great way to bring more content to your site and tie your online presence together seamlessly. While all these Instagram plugin options have their own pros and cons, here’s a list of our five favorites.

Best Instagram Plugin for WordPressSmashBalloon

This option does have a hefty fee associated with it—from $49 to $299 a year, depending on your needs, to get a full feature set—but it also has a ton of awesome features. There’s also a free version, but it doesn’t give you all the same benefits. SmashBalloon is a super customizable way to display your Instagram feed on your WordPress site, and setup is super easy. This option is great for creators who don’t have a technical background, but want to flexibly and easily share their Instagram content on their website. They also have great customer support and some cool extra features like the ability to create “shoppable” feeds.

Best Instagram Plugin for WordPressFeed Them Social

While Feed Them Social might be less customizable than SmashBalloon, it has the benefit of working across multiple different platforms rather than just Instagram, namely Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. This flexibility can be a huge help if you have a number of different sites you want to pull content from for your WordPress site, but you don’t want to deal with multiple different technologies.


Spotlight’s main selling point is its simplicity; like SmashBalloon, they put a large emphasis on being easy to set up and start using. Like SmashBalloon, too, they have both a free version and a paid version with which you can get extra features, like more available layouts for your Instagram content. However, their basic grid layout for content is still very aesthetically pleasing, so if you’re looking for a low-key, minimalist, easy-to-use option, Spotlight might be for you.


Best Instagram Plugin for WordPress Press that focuses specifically on marketing and giveaways, so if you’re trying to sell a product, RafflePress might be for you. It has an Instagram plugin as part of its tool suite, but that’s far from its only feature. In addition to an Instagram plugin, it also has integrations with other social media sites including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. It also allows you to create marketing giveaways, CRM integrations, and viral sharing. If you’re looking for something more powerful and creative than simply displaying your Instagram content on your site, take a look at RafflePress.

This is far from an exhaustive list; when looking for the best Instagram plugin for WordPress, there are so many good options out there. Many of them are free, and most of them have extremely easy setup that should work for even the most non-technical of users. Don’t be afraid to explore your options and shop around as you try to figure out which plugin option is best for you!

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