Top Five Web Design Companies For 2021

Congratulations, you’ve decided to launch your site! This is a big step for any personal or professional site. How your site looks will significantly impact its level of success. If you’re not a web-designer, chances are you’re going to Google the top web design sites to help you out in this part of the process. We’re going to take the guesswork out of it for you and list our top five web design companies for 2021.

Why You Need a Web Design Company

Over 46% of Google searches turn up local pages. You can’t afford to have a less-than-stellar website, especially for those essential first-time visitors. More than three-quarters of online consumers say that a company’s website dictates its credibility. If your site is flooded with ads, slow to load, has spelling and grammatical errors, or is generally hard to navigate, you will lose conversions. A loss of conversions is a loss of business. Fear not; the following top five web design companies for 2021 will get your business up and running.

Panda Online Marketing

1. Panda Online Marketing

Coming in at number one is Panda Online Marketing, a top-tier web design company located in Phoenix, AZ.

  • Specializes in SEO to get your site ranked.
  • Each package has a dedicated website consultant.
  • Sites are tailored to you and guaranteed to be stunning, and the reviews are proof.
  • Panda Online Marketing utilizes WordPress and offers packages in three tiers of pricing:
    • Standard – $1250
    • Business – $3500
    • Premium – $4500


2. Bilberrry

Second on our list is Bilberrry, an innovative digital agency based in Seattle, WA.

  • They have worked with top brands such as PepsiCo, Offer Up, and Delta Airlines.
  • They work together with you to help envision your site from the ground up.
  • A plethora of 5-star reviews attest to their work.
  • Prices available on a project basis upon inquiry.


Top Five Web Design Companies For 2021 2

3. Dotlogics

Dotlogics is located in East Northport, NY, and comes up in many Google searches for top web design companies for 2021.

  • Dotlogics is focused on getting sales from your site.
  • Traffic equals growth, and every Dotlogics package comes with a website growth specialist.
  • If you’re unclear on your brand identity, they will help you hone it in before tackling web site design.
  • Prices vary, but Dotlogics works with WordPress and Shopify, Magento, and custom-developed pages.

Top Five Web Design Companies For 2021 2

4. Lounge Lizard

Lounge Lizard is a digital ad agency based in New York, NY with a host of excellent services to choose from, including web design.

  • Like Dotlogics, Lounge Lizard works with WordPress, Shopify, Magento, and custom-developed pages.
  • Lounge Lizard has experience with top companies in a wide variety of industries, all available for pursuing on their site.
  • They specialize in branding and can help your business find its niche to stand out and rank.
  • Prices available upon proposal requests.


Top Five Web Design Companies For 2021

5. Tiny Frog Technologies

Last but certainly not least is San Diego, CA-based Tiny Frog Technologies.

  • Tiny Frog works with WordPress and e-commerce pages.
  • They have over a decade of verified experience.
  • Tiny Frog takes pride in the user-experience and will design your site with your ideal client in mind.
  • Tiny Frog offers free consultations to help get you started.
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