What are Backlinks and How They Work

What are Backlinks and How They Work The process of actively increasing website traffic through the SEO industry standards can be complicated. Changes are always occurring at a rapid pace, and you must stay up to date in order to keep your website in good ranking. What worked perfectly one year may not be as effective the next. Even though you may have to evolve and alter your marketing strategies accordingly, there is one technique that holds its marketing value consistently, and that is backlinking. Putting backlinks in your website content is just as critical as when it first started.

What Are Backlinks?

Adding backlinks is when website owners strategically put in online links within their content that go to other source pages on the web, and vice versa. You may also hear backlinks referred to as hyperlinks, incoming links, or outgoing links.  Adding high-quality backlinks is vital for obtaining a higher SEO ranking, which in turn drives traffic that enhances overall website performance.

Backlink example

Backlink example

Why Are Backlinks Important?

Including backlinks in your website content is a marketing technique you should never skip. As mentioned before, backlinks are critical for optimizing your search result rankings on all major search engines, such as Google.  For search engines in particular, backlinks help them see how relevant your website is on a specific topic and rank you accordingly. Since adding in backlinks is extending your content to other external sites, search engines interpret that as content worth looking at, resulting in a higher SEO ranking.

In addition, backlinks drastically help improve your website reputation by guiding the end users in helpful directions to obtain more information. It gives them the ability to find other connections to similar topics that they are looking for. This makes for a much easier way for them to get all the information they need and grow to trust your website as a useful resource.

How do you build backlinks?

What are Backlinks and How They WorkIn the past, backlinks helped rank websites higher just by the quantity of them in the content.  However, today, search engines focus more on the quality instead. This means in order to build backlinks, you must first make sure what you are using is informative and quality-driven. It can be tedious to reach out to other successful site owners and collaborate. However, in the end, it will be worth it.

There are two types of links you can use, DoFollow and NoFollow. DoFollow means the original link passes between web pages and tells search engines that you recommend that other site.  NoFollow means you reference the site, but do not actually link it, telling search engines you do not fully endorse the site you referenced. Both of these search engines will notice.


Backlinks are incredibly valuable to utilize for increasing website traffic. Using reputable sources for your backlinks indicates that your webpage has useful information, which boosts SEO. If you want to give your website a competitive advantage, then make sure to start implementing high-quality backlinks in your content. This sophisticated website tactic is powerful and provides immense improvements in your online ranking.  If you would like professional assistance, Panda Online Marketing offers integration tools and guidance in order to help you manage and optimize backlinking on your website.

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